The Empire of Myrotania is a serious micronation located in the United Kingdom. The micronation is an absolute monarchy under the rule of H.I.M. Thomas I, Emperor. The current area claimed is just under 5000 square feet of ground in the North of England.
In Myrotania, we have one official language: a language created by Thomas I and intended to be based on the Dutch Language. Despite the language's official status; everyone speaks English and English is used in documentation and conversation - so there is absolutely no need to learn Myrotanian!
Our current population is 20 (including 5 honorary members: knights of the Order of the Yellow Dragons)  and we are constantly growing (for example, you may become a citizen free or charge and have a passport sent to you with no costs or obligations by clicking on "Become a Citizen"
The official religion in Myrotania is Roman Catholicism, however, as with any nation, there is complete freedom of religion and we have citizens of all faiths!
The currency we use is the British Pound Sterling (£ - GBP) but as a lot of our payments are done online these days, it doesn't really matter what currency we use.