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Consulate of Kingdom of Harenfall / Консульство Королевства Харенфалл

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Территория дипломатического представительства Королевства Харенфалл

The Kingdom of Harenfall - a small sovereign state based on an island in Northern Norway that was founded the 26th of september 2013. The first and current monarch of Harenfall, is its founder, Jeffrey I. The Kingdom of Harenfall's one and only legislature is known as the Royal Council.The Royal Coucil currently has 5 members, all appointed by the king, or invited by vote of the council.

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To all illustrious majesties, and highnesses

Today i, Jeffrey the first, King of Harenfall, Duke of Thorsborg, and Baron MacLean announce the dissolvement of Harenfall as a sovereign, and independent Kingdom.
Today, at 15:00 in the Council chamber at Jeffreyburg palace, it was officially announced by the Lord High Chancellor of Harenfall, that Harenfall had voted to abolish the monarchy, and state of Harenfall, and join the Empire of Austenasia.

The reason for this vote, has been the widespread opinion among the goverment, and for that matter the people of Harenfall, that the Kingdom could do better, united with another nation.

This announcement does not mean the dismantlement of Harenfall, and dissolvement, but rather the decision to join another nation. But fear not! we will still sort of be the autonomous region of Harenfall.

Ergo, all treaties regarding the Kingdom of Harenfall are now null and void, although i believe we had a good run. Although this does not include honours granted to or by anyone in relation with the Kingdom of Harenfall, because of the fact that by signed law, the honours granted by the King are not hereditary but "for life".

With that said, i would like to personally thank all of you, for your assistance, and help in forming Harenfall, in any way, although i will like to remind you, that the royal seal of Harenfall,
Will remain the personal seal, of myself.
Now for updates on the situation, or Harenfall in general use this link

Yet again, thank you and i wish you the best of luck for your nations, and future endeavours.


Кончилось королевство.. :disappointed:


Baron d'Aurgie написал(а):

Кончилось королевство.. :disappointed:

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Да. Быстро причем.

Вы здесь » Officiąnt Fŏrum Køngištutu Ąysellantæ » Дипломатические представительства » Consulate of Kingdom of Harenfall / Консульство Королевства Харенфалл