От сего дня,по нашему приглашению,Его Высокопреосвященство архиепископ Давид Леон Купер, Духовный Магистр ордена Штирийского Льва,взял на себя заботу о католической пастве нашей Короны.
On this day, at our invitation, His Eminence Archbishop David Leon Cooper, a Spiritual Grandmaster of the Order of the Lion of Styria took care of the Catholic congregation of our Princedom.


+++David Leon Cooper, OMM, KTGA, OCC

    Metropolitan Archbishop SOC EACS and Allied Jurisdictions
    Prelate of the Sacred Magistery, Knights of God of the Archdiocese of Religious Military Orders of Chivalry (SOC EACS)
    Chaplain Prelate (Ecclesiastical Grand Cross Chaplain) and Spiritual Prior for The Order of St. Maria of Jerusalem (Teutonic Order) of the House of Antioch and Svevia
    Archbishop of the Sovereign Imperial and Royal House of Gharios and Ghassan
    Honorary Chaplain of the Royal House of Malkhut Beit David - Settimo and Maestrich
    Grand Cross of the Order of the Imperial Eagle of Lagash
    Archbishop Affiliated with the Communion of Autocephalous Ecclesiastical Jerusalemite and Primitive.(Holy Throne Primate)
    Grand Cross of the Order of Merit Scientific Theology
    Duke of Lachish, Count of Ramatayim
    Metropolitan Archbishop David L. Cooper of the Royal House_of Gharios and Ghassan
    Metropolitan Archbishop David L. Cooper The Sacred Order_of The Knights of God and the Archdiocese of Religious Military Orders of Chivalry
    Spiritual Grand Prior and Grand Cross Chaplain of the Regional Commandery of Europe
    Archbishop for the Barony and Noble House of Malinovka
    Duke of Souanek
    Knight Grand Officer in the Venerable Order of the Knights of Occitanie
    Collegium Heraldicum Concordiae Poland
    ( This is a partial list of the titles of HIs Eminence. )

The Metropolitran Archbishop +++David Leon Cooper has received numerous honorary titles of nobility from families that continue their rights under international law and the legal protections provided by the home nations of these heirs of royalty. Many of these families have continued their rights and traditions with Orders of Chivalry.