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Embassy of Federal Republic of Grunkia

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Территория дипломатического представительства Федеральной Республики Грюнкия

Краткая Информация / Brief Information

Форма правления: федеральная президентская республика;
Government: federal presidental republic;
Государственный язык: английский, грюнкийский;
Official Language: english, grunkian:
Денежная единица:
Официальный Сайт / Official WEB-site


I have the honor to bring to your knowledge, that on January 27 marks the I-st anniversary of the claim of sovereignty of the Princedom of Ausland. This is a great holiday for our House and the people, the first significant milestone in building the state. I hope in the future our States will be able to build a productive relationship for the benefit of our peoples.
His Serene Highness Prince Andrew of Ausland.


Ladies and Gentlemen! I have the honor to report that came out the first test of the new media room. Invited to read and comment. Please refer to the topic of information management.


Ladies and gentlemen! On behalf of His Serene Highness in response to Resolution of the Parliament of Kornburgia was prepared a Note of protest to the GOVERNMENT OF THE KORNBURGIAN REPUBLIC.

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